4 ways to boost productivity on site

01 September 2021


If there was a general takeaway from the last bauma, it was that the industry is finally embracing the digital revolution and understanding the extensive cost benefits of leveraging technology to improve accuracy and efficiency. At Doka, its R&D teams have spent the previous few years listening to the valuable feedback provided by site teams and clients in order to understand the prevailing industry challenges and how they could be overcome through new digital solutions. Here are just four of Doka’s digital services that have been well-received on projects around the world.

Using a proprietary platform and on-site IoT sensors, CONTAKT provides live data that helps to manage activities and support site optimisation. By supporting managers to coordinate almost all facets of the project from personnel to material, CONTAKT’s sensor system yields performance data that provides valuable, real-time analytics. This supports a proactive decision-making process, allowing site teams to be as agile as possible to changing site conditions. Providing an unparalleled level of transparency, contractors are given the power to improve their workflows based on factual information, thereby helping to minimize cost and maximize efficiency from a centralised platform.

#2 Remote Instructor
Designed for projects which are either technically challenging or require the direct support of Doka’s experts, Remote Instructor is a video collaboration tool for on-site calls, which enables clients to seek direct support if something is unclear or questions come up on-site. Remote Instructor is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows, but also in combination with a head-mounted tablet, providing a highly useful, hands-free solution when trying to explain a situation on-site. Equipped with zoom functionality to capture even the most minute details, Remote Instructor’s forthcoming updates will include a display capable of 3D models for visual support and working steps discussed, as well as continuous compatibility updates with a wide range of hardware solutions such as HoloLens2.

#3 DokaXact
DokaXact is the first interactive sensor-based system used for the accurate positioning of wall formwork elements for vertical structures, such as high-rise concrete cores. In assisting site crews and surveying engineers to find a quick and accurate method of aligning wall formwork for automatic climbing systems, its sensors are wirelessly connected with a central processing unit, which provides real-time data within a margin of just two millimetres, ensuring maximum precision from start to finish.

#4 Concremote
Concremote uses sensors to measure the temperature and calculates compressive strength of the concrete structure. The method increases the sustainability of construction projects through real-time concrete monitoring and leads to shorter cycle times. Via the online portal users have access to reliable concrete data at any time, no matter where they are. Productivity losses that come along with new and environmentally friendly low-carbon concrete mixes with different compressive strength development are reduced – because Concremote exactly knows when the target value is reached and construction work can continue.

Do you want to learn more about Doka’s other digital products and services? Then stop by: www.doka.com/upbeatconstruction

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