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Trimble ‘advancing’ machine control
Earthworks Grade Control Platform version 2.0 introduces a host of new features
Dynapac and Trimble roll out the tech
Road construction and technology specialists show development of autonomous compaction process
Construction technology: connectivity is key
Andy Brown sat down with Oracle’s innovation director, Burcin Kaplanoglu, to talk about the past, present and future of construction technology
Telematics: building a construction ecosystem
Telematics providers look toward a future that’s more connected than ever before
Wearable tech could ‘transform’ construction
Wearable technology sector could be worth US$54 billion by 2023 and bring safety and productivity benefits to construction
Doosan’s automated solutions
Full range of automated solutions, named Concept X, demonstrated by original equipment manufacturer
Robotic ‘dog’ unleashed for construction industry
Makers of robotic dog announce collaboration with several firms with a view to increasing its use in construction industry
Crane technology: Technology at the top
Cranes may be based on the same 2000 year old principles, but technology has certainly evolved
Steer launches remote control equipment tech
Start-up company says cloud-based remote control technology can increase production to a full 24-hour shift
Construction research and development: Tomorrow’s world
How research and development teams across the construction industry work has changed recently, as has the projects that they are tasked with
Volvo on new technology at Diesel Progress Summit
Ray Gallant will discuss the convergence of new technologies in connectivity, electromobility and automation
Safety fears over new technology
A majority of construction workers fear that new technology, such as automation, could put their safety at risk
Future Equipment: Construction 2029
What the equipment used in the construction sector may look like by the year 2029
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