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LA pays $ 300 m to settle claim with Kiewit
Highway authority settles its two-year-long legal battle with Omaha-based contractor
Testimony deals expected in Odebrecht case
At least 80 Odebrecht employees are said to be negotiating plea bargains with investigators
Two on trial over alleged CAN$24 million fraud against Atlas Copco
Former colleague in court to testify against pair who allegedly stole money from construction firm’s employee benefits programme
Court approves leniency for Andrade Gutierrez in Brazilian corruption ruling
Scandal-hit Brazilian contractor ordered to pay fine of US$ 287 million, and cooperate with future corruption investigations
Indian flyover collapse kills 23
Police open culpable homicide case against IVRCL after 23 deaths and more injuries caused by collapsed flyover in Kolkata, India
Construction firm blamed for fatal building collapse in Lagos
Nigerian authorities say promoters of Lekki Gardens development ‘criminally’ continued to build after receiving legal order to stop
Marcelo Odebrecht sentenced to 19 years
Lengthy jail term handed down to Brazilian construction tycoon convicted of corruption and money laundering
Police document appears to implicate Peru’s president in Petrobras scandal
Leaked internal document shows Brazilian police are probing alleged bribes to Peruvian leader
Anger over rebar anti-dumping duties
Industry body unhappy as EU sets anti-dumping duties on Chinese imports of rebar between 9.2 and 13%
Ugandan road project halted over sexual misconduct claims
World Bank cancels loan for Ugandan road construction amid claims workers mistreated locals
Construction boss sentenced for death of workers
Vadim Kazenelson was project manager for Metron Construction when three people died and one was critically injured after falling from scaffold
EU orders registration of imported steel from China
Commission launched anti-dumping investigation into imports of high-fatigue performance rebar from China last April
Boral welcomes report on trade union activities
The recommendations of a new Royal Commission report into trade union practices, have been welcomed by Australian materials producer Boral
Japan’s leaning tower reveals pile data scandal
Probe into tower block foundation errors leads to discovery of ‘years of malpractice’
Uncertainty clouds Fehmarnbelt project
Final decision on future of cross-border Fehmarnbelt tunnel construction project due in December
Mendes Junior executives convicted in Brazil
Three names from one of the largest construction companies in the country were found guilty of corruption in the Petrobras case
SNC-Lavalin seeks corruption settlement with Ottawa
New CEO at Canadian engineering group calls for 'reasonable and fair solution' to charges
February hearing for SNC-Lavalin corruption trial
Further postponement in criminal trial into bribery and fraud in Libya from 2001 to 2011
Companies admit breaches of confidence
Individual payments of up to £250,000 could be made after blacklisted construction workers seek justice
SEC prosecutes improper payments in South Africa
US government agency fines subsidiary of Japan's Hitachi Power for Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations on power station construction contracts
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